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Welcome to my shop here you can purchase products to help you enhance your life’s experience. 

It is my greatest aim to offer you an easy flowing pathway towards creating your heart’s desire. Working together, we bring your conscious awareness into your experience.  Let me help you tease out what your heart is asking for and then from this point you can direct your focus.  There really is something for everyone and you can also purchase products as gifts. 

The products are in three categories:

Online Sessions
Here you purchase your personal one to one on-line session with me. The information on my website will help you to decide what focus you would like the session to have and of course we can discuss that before we start your session.

Mindfully Slim
This course supports you with weight reduction at the same time as increasing your confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief.  The course is made up of seven sessions and is packed with mind changing techniques to release old habits and install new behaviours.  These techniques are embedded at a deep unconscious level through audio MP3’s and video.   Ideally each session takes two weeks to practice and embed giving you 4 months support including video.

Mindful Wellbeing
Here you have a wide range of choices of mini-therapy sessions aimed at helping you with a particular issue.  These offer a download PDF with video support.  There are also full courses which include PDF, video, and MP3 audio.  As I develop and design more support packages they will be published on this page.