Most people want to be happy, do you?

I have spent most of my adult life searching to find the answer to one vital question: How can I be happy?

Answering this question, I had to overcome the effects of the death of my son in 2007. I felt losing my child stripped me of everything, especially happiness.

You may feel like this sometimes and it doesn’t have to be about death. Any kind of shock or loss can spin us into the unknown world of trauma.  It’s at times like this that you may need some extra support and I am here to offer you that.

I have been a clinician for over twenty years, using my Intuitive Analysis Process. Our emotions are swirling forms of energy and they do not speak with language but use feelings and sensations.  So, it is often difficult for people to know or articulate how they are feeling. Using this process, I’m drawn instinctively to what is going on for you.  

As I sense areas of unhelpful energy I can help you to become aware of this and you can then understand what’s been happening.  We can then go straight to releasing this energy at its core.  After this deep release we can design your individualised treatment package.  You will have access to a wide range of therapeutic styles such as Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Counselling, Energy Therapy and Mindfulness.

This process saves time and you can start practicing feeling happier and more in control straight away. Each session builds on the last with training handouts and MP3 ‘accelerated learning’ relaxations. Listening to the MP3’s can speed up your recovery as they boost self-esteem and reinforce your empowerment training.

Building a whole new self, from the inside out has enabled me to help hundreds of people to grow and develop. I really appreciate my life and I really want to share what I have been lucky enough to develop; with you.