Mindfully Slim (Full Course)


This is a four-month support course with seven handouts, seven support videos and 10 mind changing, self-hypnosis MP3’s. The magical transformation occurs when you watch, listen and learn. Clients report feeling as if the weight just melts away as this therapeutic change programme because it works at such a deep level. Old beliefs, patterns, thoughts and behaviour are released and replaced with a comprehensive new system to help you create your Slim, Healthy, Happy You.


Session 1 - Creating Your Future Self
This first session from the seven-session programme is all about easing you into the changes you will make to create your slim, healthy, happy self. There is a video to support you in learning the therapeutic techniques.  The session handouts, coupled with these techniques alongside the three MP3's help you to seamlessly change your attachments and habits linked to the way you eat, what you eat and how you feel. From this point you will create your ideal slim, healthy, happy future self. This vision of you linked to the feelings it creates in you is your beacon on this Mindfully Slim journey.

Session 2 - Magical Shrinking Stomach
This session gives you the MP3, video and handout support to guide you through the techniques and practices you use to start shrinking your stomach in preparation for the Virtual Gastric Sheath later in the programme.

Session 3 - The Right Path
In this session I guide you through how to change your mind and make new choices to become your own internal support coach. Focusing outside of yourself for positive reinforcement leaves you open to the effects of other people. Creating self-reliance and empowerment, allows you to be happy and then feel your way into a slim, healthy, happy you.

Session 4 - The Virtual Gastric Sheath
In this session you will go through an actual virtual procedure to implant your virtual gastric sheath.  This sheath will encase your excess unnecessary stomach and create the idea of a small green apple sized stomach.  This works in tandem with your intuitive body mind to create ease, joy and flow around your slim, healthy, happy habits, behaviours and thoughts.

Session 5 - The Check Up
After any medical procedure there is always a check up and this is the same in your virtual world.  In this session we check for any old habits, behaviours and thoughts that may have been triggered by your virtual gastric sheath.  We then use my adaptation of an ancient practice from Buddhist philosophy, to transform those triggers into ‘support allies’.  These allies assist your internal coach in helping you create your slim, healthy, happy self.

Session 6 - Who You Really Are
This session supports you in drawing together all the increased positive feelings you have created inside of yourself. Sometimes putting a spotlight on yourself can draw up some negative self-talk. In this session you learn to accept where you are in this moment, without emotional attachment. You then focus all of your emotional energy on your slim, healthy, happy self. Drawing that to yourself like a magnet. This reinforces all of your work on this programme and develops a deep place of self-love which grows and develops as you progress on your Mindfully Slim journey.

Session 7 - Reinforcing Change
Although this is the last session it is not the end of this programme.  Mindfully Slim was developed so that you can revisit the programme as often as you need to.  Many years after writing and recording this programme I use it when I want to reinforce my value of being a ‘Slim Healthy Happy me for the rest of my life’.  Your desired weight loss and the time it will take to safely be your slim, healthy, happy self, determines how you continue the programme.  Reinforcing Change helps you to combine all of your new knowledge, habits and thoughts into a consistent set of behaviours which will support you on your on-going Mindfully Slim journey.


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